best way to do a stool sample

Most people will have to do a stool sample at some point. I remember my very first stool sample, I was humiliated. Who talks about poo? I rushed into the clinic with the “sample” in a stapled brown paper bag, further disguised in another bag, all of which I left at the clinic. I included a note in the bag that roughly read:

I’m sorry I’m sick.
I’m sorry about your job.
Thank you!

How does one go about getting the stool into the cup cleanly? A few labs provide a very large plastic cover you put over the toilet. Obviously you deposit the specimen, remove the bit you need and dispose of the large tool. But it’s massive and you don’t want the edges to cut through the garbage bag. Yuck. And you’re lucky if you find a lab that has these. Not to mention that you have to leave the building with this bulky thing. Now EVERYONE knows what you’re up to. No thanks.

What you most likely will get are instructions on how to put the sample into the cup, and the cup. No instruction on what to do with the remaining poop, or what to poop on. Awesome. NOW WHAT?!?! Take it from a vet … This is the #1 best way to do a stool sample. Use any yogurt or sour cream container, clean it thoroughly. Deposit the specimen, take what you need out. Place the lid back on the container and throw it out. No smell, no mess, no dramatic support equipment.


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