iron supplementation and IBD

Although we are more prone to being iron deficient do not allow iron deficiency to be a part of your everyday reality. It is not acceptable to be your new normal, you deserve better.

Bring the Shine is all about what YOU CAN DO TO TAKE YOUR HEALTH BACK so … what can you do?!

1) Get your inflammation under control.
This can be a complicated process, you will need to design a plan for treatment with you doc.

2) Take an iron supplement.
You can take iron pill supplements 1-3 times a day, spaced evenly. Iron must be taken WITH VITAMIN C in order to maximize absorption. This can be either an orange juice, other high source of Vit C, or with a Vit C supplement. Common complaints are that the iron pills upset the stomach. If this is YOU, take it with food.

3) Get an iron infusion or iron replacement shots.
If you are not able to absorb enough iron through the oral supplementation these options are put directly into your blood stream, bypassing the malabsorption issue completely. Both naturopathic and western medicine doctors can prescribe these when they see necessary. Iron infusions or replacement shots are treatments that may need to be utilized on an ongoing basis. I personally had a few iron infusions and they fixed me right up. Talk to your doctor about this and if it’s a good option for your body.

For several reasons people with IBD will probably experience low levels of iron at some point. Some common symptoms the Mayo Clinic lists are these beauties : extreme fatigue, pale skin, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness or lightheadedness, irritability, fast heartbeat, unusual cravings for non-nutritive substances, such as ice, dirt or starch among others. NO THANKS! While too little iron is obviously not good, too much iron can be damaging to your liver and cause other complications. For these reasons make sure you’re being monitored through your doc with regular bloodwork.


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