run workout while flaring

If you are experiencing a period of active disease, building your fitness up with running is good but in intervals and as a part of an overall fitness regime. If you have a digestive disorder, like me, running is likely an activity that takes place when you’re having a ‘good tummy day’. Having a build up of gas can cause pain that gets more uncomfortable the further you run. If you have loose stool it can also be uncomfortable, painful and increase your sense of urgency. Like you really need that!

Grab a watch and time yourself so you have adequate rest time, this workout will allow you to reduce stress in your system and still gradually build on your fitness.

Run workout :

Warm up, walk briskly for 5 mins

Run for 2 mins
Walk for 1 min

Repeat the run walk intervals 5-10 times, depending on where your fitness levels are and how your body is responding to the vigorous activity. As your fitness improves increase the ‘run’ part of the interval by 30 secs weekly until you are able to jog with comfort and enjoyment for 30 mins.


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