working out when flaring

It is quite easy to push yourself beyond what’s healthy for your body when you’re flaring. The most important thing for you to remember when you’re working out and experiencing a rise in your symptoms is that YOUR BODY IS FIGHTING RIGHT NOW. Adding to this by doing a seriously aggressive form of exercise like crossfit is a big, huge, fat NO NO. Be mindful of the purpose of exercise at this point in your life … to improve your health and reduce the stress your body is going through. I’m confident this rings true for you so … how do you do it??

Remember these 3 things when you’re designing your workout program :

1) ALTERNATE the days you do cardio and weights at the gym. Max your workout time at 45 mins when you’re flaring. Anything beyond that is adding stress to your body that you simply just do not need. I recommend 5 days a week of activity. Schedule looks like this :

Mon – Weights
Tues – Cardio
Wed – Weights
Thur – Cardio
Fri – Weights

2) Practice working within the TALK TEST when doing cardio. You are aiming at that happy spot when you’re doing cardiovascular activity when you can hold a broken conversation. You have enough control over your breathing to get your point across but you have lost the ability to sing like Beyonce.

3) Switch between body parts when LIFTING WEIGHTS, while still practicing the rule of the TALK TEST. Pick one exercise for each body part and do them one right after the other, taking breaks when you need to (remember you’re working within the TALK TEST).

Example :
Step ups
Chest press
Pull downs
Hamstring curls
Tricep press downs
Overhead shoulder press

For whatever reason, our bodies are working with challenged health. Your job is to give your body the best starting point that you can. One big way you can do that is regular exercise.


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