making lemonade

Making lemonade … What exactly is the significance of this phrase? My husband asked me that same question, with his eyes. My mother’s end of the phone call went silent. The saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is the long time phrase of eternal positivity. The summed up ability to see life through the lenses of a child’s happiness.

It may sound like a foreign concept to you at exactly this second, but what are a few things you’re grateful to your disease for? My current shortlist looks like :

-I am empathetic to others. If I find myself frustrated with someone I think to myself “I wonder if they’re feeling how I’ve felt”.

-I can relate to my peers emotional struggles. I build stronger, more honest and genuine relationships.

-I am more involved in my community and have expanded my circle. I volunteer with the CCFC, through this I have made an eclectic group of friends that I share the positivity of being proactive about IBD with.

-I had the opportunity, in my 20’s, to get punched in the face with the reality of a serious health issue and the importance of prioritizing my health. The choices I make in my life, every single day, reinforce this and take steps towards the best health I can achieve. Some people get this realization at a much later time in life. I am in a better position to have better health as I age as I am so conscious about it now.

I took the lesson of turning IBD into a positive experience into every facet of my life. When I encounter a challenge I take a deep breath and marinate on how this could be a positive thing for my personal growth and development. Perception is reality. Your perception of your circumstance is your reality of your experience. Next time you get lemons, in any area of your life, squeeze those little shits and see if you can make some lemonade.


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